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Get a better job easily! Searching for a job has never been so easy. No need to browse through ads any more. We will submit your CV to as many employers as possible that may be a match for you. You just need to specify the area in which you would like to work, and leave the rest of it to us!

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How it Works

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There is a updated CV in your computer? You feel like you're sweating in the wrong place day in, day out? You know where your place is but have been afraid to apply until now? With a single registration you can now easily find out if there is a job for you... elsewhere, in a better place

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Target area
You would like to work close to home, or your want to try yourself elsewhere? Just mark the appropriate area.

Write your email
You already know what job you want? Then write up a brief but concise cover email to accompany your CV.

Attach your CV
Upload your CV but do not forget to update it so that companies only find your current profile.

Review & Pay
Review all data provided so that the query goes out in the most appropriate way for you. After payment, you just need to wait for companies to get in touch.

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3Follow search progress

After a successfuly launch of query it is important that you read the replies sent by the companies through your email address provided in your CV. In some cases such feedback may be negative but that should not keep you from further browsing your meassages as your next employer will likely be among them as well. Once you have found the job of your dreams you can either cancel your search or suspend it for some time. Who knows if you will ever need it again.

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Make sure your spelling is correct! Sending an application full of spelling mistakes and mistyping will not provide any positive content but it will show that the candidate was in a hurry and shuffled through the task.