Tips for your great CV

Common errors in motivation letters - Part 1

Besides your CV, it is your motivation letter or cover letter based on which colleagues at the HR have an impression about you. Where did you see the job offer? What position do you apply for and why?  You need to answer these questions in your cover letter. We have collected some common mistakes.

The cover letter is the first - and one of the most important - impressions about us when trying to get a job. The form and the content of the letter presents an image about the personality of the candidate. It can be a positive one: in this case, if it is accompanied by an impressive CV, you can expect to be invited for a personal interview. However, if your letter is full of mistakes you will definitely start with a handicap.


Motivation letter

The motivation letter is an inevitable part of the job application. Most employers ask the candidates to attach a motivation letter. Candidates need to summarize the information they cannot include in the CV and provide additional details about them.

The motivation letter is not the summary of the CV, it must include additional information.


Help! I hate my job!

If you are unemployed or looking for a job, probably you feel that everything would be better than this ordeal. The truth is, however, that if you are selected for a position, it is far from certain that you have arrived at Nirvana. Several researches and everyday experience show that most employees don’t like or even hate some basic element of their work.


Common errors in motivation letters - Part 2

Content of your CV, family background 

Candidates often forget about the function of the letter and they repeat what they have already included in the CV. Or what is even worse, they present their family and write about the jobs of their mother or father. The aim of the cover letter is totally different. You need to include the position you apply for, why you apply and why you want to get the job.