The perfect job interview

Preparation is just as important as the interview itself. Search for information about the company and collect all the relevant details about their activity. You can use the internet or a library, if you don’t find information about the company online, though it is highly unlikely. You need to know the sector in which the company operates, its main products, services and competitors, and what major changes have taken place in the organisation recently.

If you know the person you will have the interview with, try to find out some details about him/her. Find out what kind of interview you can expect to prepare accordingly.

You need to be able to answer the question why you applied for the position. At first, it may seem obvious, but it is by no means simple. Take a piece of paper and write down the reasons based on which you decided to submit your application. Then write down your expectations and demands about the new job. Prepare yourself for some uncomfortable questions - like the ones about salary - and practice your answers.

Rehearse the interview with a friend. Write down questions you would like to ask. Try to define the skills, abilities and qualifications that you can make good use of at the company regardless of the position itself. Think about your characteristics that can make you stand out from the crowd and your previous employers also preferred. Don’t forget to prepare your papers you need to take with you to the interview (CV, references etc.)

Take care of your appearance and find out the dress code at the company. No matter what kind of dress code they have, try to dress in a bit more conservative way, then you cannot make a mistake. Arrive a bit earlier at the appointment and take some extra copies of your CV, a notebook and a pen. Make sure you pronounced the name of the company and the person who conducts the interview correctly. You need to be polite and courteous with everyone, don’t chew a gum, don’t smoke and of course don’t swear while you are in the building. Be aware of body language, because if you don’t pay attention to this you can easily confute yourself. Try to observe the body language of your partner as well, because you can get valuable information from this.

No matter what kind of question you receive at the job interview, always consider that there must be a reason for them and answer accordingly. Feel free to ask for more information, if you don’t understand something, and provide a complex and comprehensible answer. Always answer honestly but never be afraid to give answers from which you can benefit. Avoid complaining about or describing your previous employer in a negative way.

Stay calm and show confidence to look successful. It can greatly influence you chances. Forget about the fact that you are actually applying for a job, try to act as a consultant of the company. Consider the job interview as a task to be solved or a project to be accomplished. It’s not enough to simply answer the questions, try to initiate a conversation with the interviewer. Don’t hide your enthusiasm, this is what each employer likes, you will make a good impression.

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