Reverse the order!

80-95% of the candidates - who become the losers, use the following order:

1. Considering the qualification.
2. Considering the jobs and task performed in the past.
3. Checking the job advertisements and looking for something that is somehow related to the candidate’s past experience.

This approach is totally reactive: they react to their own past and the present offered by the job advertisements and adapt their personal choices to these factors. These candidates look at the frames first and then fill them with content.

Don’t be reactive if you want to be a winner! You need to choose a proactive way! That is, choose the opposite direction! With this simple step you will have a pole position among job seekers, you never have dreamt of. You will have a premium position, while the others will still rush to job interviews or spend their time in mediocre positions where they don’t feel good. Follow the steps below:

Forget about your qualification for a while.

Try to figure out what you are good at at the moment, what you feel like doing or you find delightful. It is inevitable to ask others about yourself. If you start to figure this out alone, you may choose a wrong way and end up disappointed.

 Think about activities that are most in demand in the labour market. It definitely needs consideration and some market research. Your aim is to find out how other people working in the same field make a living either as employees or entrepreneurs.

Then you can check the job advertisements and think about how you can create a position for yourself in the hidden labour market. You can be sure that if you follow this order you will have much more stable and better results. It is also true, however, that you need to invest considerably more time in the project.

The process described above is the proactive strategy: you initiate, you create the content and then you search for the frames. You can decide to look for an ideal position among the advertisements or you can create a position that fits you better either in an already existing company or launching a new business.

If this is your starting point you will find this task exciting and delightful. Moreover, you can leave the unknown crowd behind you, who are on the track of the mediocre reactive job seekers. You will have the possibility to apply for positions where your profile will be excellent or interesting compared to the desperate candidates who send out their applications everywhere as if they were spams.

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