Motivation letter

The motivation letter is an inevitable part of the job application. Most employers ask the candidates to attach a motivation letter. Candidates need to summarize the information they cannot include in the CV and provide additional details about them.

The motivation letter is not the summary of the CV, it must include additional information.

A good motivation letter focuses on the main points, clearly illustrates the personal qualities and strengths of the candidate and also includes the name of the recipient, HR manager or consultant. Candidates must focus on the contribution they can make to the success of the company. A good motivation letter is ideally written for each application, tailored to the relevant position.

Parts of the motivation letter:
- Name of the decision maker (person and company) 
- Greeting
- Subject of the application, exact name of the position
- Brief description to give reason for the application
- Presenting the professional experience and information required for the position
- Short personal description, characteristics required for the position
- Expressing the hope to have a personal meeting and negotiation
- Date, saying goodbye

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