How to build your self-confidence? Part 2

Build your self-confidence from the successes you achieved!

OK, there might have been cases where you weren’t on top, but there must have been some problems you successfully solved. Think about them and write down the events in your life when you achieved success, good results or that you found gratifying. E.g.: successful language exam, getting a driving licence, solving a misunderstanding etc. Read the list when you feel desperate.

Keep your promises! Focus on the promises you make to yourself!

You can easily lose your self-confidence like air from a balloon if you don’t keep the promises you make to yourself. If you tend to make promises but you never do what you have decided to do, you teach to yourself that you are unreliable, don’t believe yourself. The solution is the following: don’t make promises if you know you are unable to keep them, or promise less but keep them

Act as if....

Your posture and body language reflect your current mood: stooped posture and hunched-up shoulders, head down and downcast eyes refer to lack of self-confidence. However, psychological tests show that some physical changes can generate mental and emotional changes. So if you want to boost your self-confidence, straighten your back: pull in your belly, raise your chest, look at the eyes of the other person and smile!

Take care of your appearance!

Our appearance has an impact on our mood. You might not be totally satisfied with your appearance but if you regularly take care about yourself and your hygiene, your hair and skin and your dressing style is neat and pretty, you give multiple support to your self-confidence. How?

- you express respect and care to your body by allowing the appropriate time and preparation to personal hygiene
- the result itself will bring warm to your heart
- the praise you receive will also help improve your self-confidence

10 + 1 Avoid negative people!

Those who are always worried, doubt everything, complain, criticize, make you tired and drain your energy will only deepen the feeling of insecurity, incapacity and vulnerability in you. To boost your self-confidence, look for people who think positively and make an effort for themselves and for their own welfare.

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