How to build your self-confidence? Part 1

Stop comparing!

Weak people without self-confidence tend to compare themselves with others and have a good sense to find those who are better, more beautiful, smarter, more successful and talented than them. In fact, it only strengthens the inferiority complex and negative self-image. Those persons might be better than you if you compare a certain characteristic, but if you look at other qualities they can hide behind you.

You are a valuable, unique and special person!

There is no one on Earth similar to You! Even identical twins are not exactly alike. People have various origins, different family backgrounds, started their lives in different circumstances, received diverse skills and abilities, were affected and shaped by various impacts and experiences and received different tasks for their lives. How can you discover your values? If you improve self-knowledge and discover your walk of life.

Focus on your strength instead of weaknesses and deficiencies!

If you focus on what you don’t know, what you are not good at, you will strengthen the feeling of unworthiness, incapacity and lack of talent instead of improving your self-confidence.
Collect at least 30 characteristics (both regarding appearance and your personality) that you like about yourself or you find appealing and valuable.

It depends on your mind!

Your approach and expectations determine your prospects and the potential results. As Henry Ford said: “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right.”

Stop criticizing yourself, prevent yourself from falling into self-pity!

Do you sometimes mull over something, feel embarrassed or criticize yourself because of an uncomfortable situation or a bad decision? Do you blame yourself for not doing something or for doing something, or because you think you should have done it in a different/better way? It is easy to be wise after the event. However, instead of falling into self-pity and losing your remaining self-confidence, try to convince yourself that you made the best decision possible under the given circumstances and based on the information available considering your personality, feelings and abilities.

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Don’t go on an ego trip! Get to the point and describe your skills, competence and experience objectively. If you go to the extremes, it will be revealed during the interview.