Common errors in motivation letters - Part 1

Besides your CV, it is your motivation letter or cover letter based on which colleagues at the HR have an impression about you. Where did you see the job offer? What position do you apply for and why?  You need to answer these questions in your cover letter. We have collected some common mistakes.

The cover letter is the first - and one of the most important - impressions about us when trying to get a job. The form and the content of the letter presents an image about the personality of the candidate. It can be a positive one: in this case, if it is accompanied by an impressive CV, you can expect to be invited for a personal interview. However, if your letter is full of mistakes you will definitely start with a handicap. 

Incorrect greeting 

Many candidates do not consider the importance of the greeting. Dear Madam/Sir is not the best option. You can find out the addressee by making a simple phone call. The effect is much bigger though. You will make a good impression on the recipient and express your motivation if they see: you took the trouble to find out the relevant person and the company. 

Friendly style 

Choosing a style that is too casual can reflect negatively on the candidate. Your aim is not to make friends or contacts. Avoid jokes, humour or slang. Business style is the appropriate choice. 

Mistyping, spelling mistakes 

It is quite common - even in case of candidates with higher education - that letters are full of mistyping and spelling mistakes. It gives a very poor image of the candidate. Employers have every reason to think: the cannot rely on you to arrange correspondence - which is an integral part of everyday work. Use spell-check to minimise spelling mistakes and mistyping or ask a friend to check your letter, someone who makes no such mistakes. 

Inappropriate layout 

Besides spelling, perfect layout is also a key issue. Some candidates forget to use enter. This way the letter seems confused. Focus will be shifted from the content and generates extra work for the HR professionals. The letter should be divided according to the followings: the position you apply for and the reason why you are interested in the job should be indicated in two separate paragraphs. Another paragraph should contain the reasons why you think you are suitable for the job. 

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