Tips for your great CV

The perfect job interview

Preparation is just as important as the interview itself. Search for information about the company and collect all the relevant details about their activity. You can use the internet or a library, if you don’t find information about the company online, though it is highly unlikely. You need to know the sector in which the company operates, its main products, services and competitors, and what major changes have taken place in the organisation recently.

If you know the person you will have the interview with, try to find out some details about him/her. Find out what kind of interview you can expect to prepare accordingly.


Reverse the order!

80-95% of the candidates - who become the losers, use the following order:

1. Considering the qualification.
2. Considering the jobs and task performed in the past.
3. Checking the job advertisements and looking for something that is somehow related to the candidate’s past experience.

This approach is totally reactive: they react to their own past and the present offered by the job advertisements and adapt their personal choices to these factors. These candidates look at the frames first and then fill them with content.


How to build your self-confidence? Part 1

Stop comparing!

Weak people without self-confidence tend to compare themselves with others and have a good sense to find those who are better, more beautiful, smarter, more successful and talented than them. In fact, it only strengthens the inferiority complex and negative self-image. Those persons might be better than you if you compare a certain characteristic, but if you look at other qualities they can hide behind you.


How to build your self-confidence? Part 2

Build your self-confidence from the successes you achieved!

OK, there might have been cases where you weren’t on top, but there must have been some problems you successfully solved. Think about them and write down the events in your life when you achieved success, good results or that you found gratifying. E.g.: successful language exam, getting a driving licence, solving a misunderstanding etc. Read the list when you feel desperate.


How to write a cover letter to attract readers...

A cover letter as a motivation letter

A lot of candidates don’t send a cover letter claiming that no one will read it. If you want people to read your cover letter, do not send it as an attachment.