Most job search portals build on one thing only: the positions advertised by companies. In contrast, CVpost submits the CV of the applicatnt to all potential companies within a specific area so that the CV also reaches companies that are not advertising positions on job search sites or which do not hire headhunters for the recuiremtn. This means that the intended job search reaches a wider audience, which in turn increases the chance of success.
When creating the search you can specify a so-called blacklist. Here you can filter the current employer or any former employer and put them in a list. The system will leave out the companies included in the list from the recipients of the CV.
You can find detailed information on this in one of our blog posts.
We cannot guarantee this. We will submit it to all potential places and it will turn out from the employers’ replies what is ideal for you.
This feature is currently not available; you will only see from the reply emails who got your query and who are interested.
You can either suspend your searches or delete them for good. If you do not want to stay on as a registered member in our system, you can even delete your registration in your profile.
You should state any expections toward the companies in the cover letter. But in some cases this may not even be required as it is easier to enforce our expections during a personal interview.
You have no obligation toward CVpost whatsoever. Once the companies have contacted you, you can communicate with them in any form. It is advised that you provide email and phone contacts in your CV as they can get in touch in this way, but the system also offers the option of ”internal” mailing, so you can communicate with your future employers through CVpost as well.
We cannot offer any guarantee for the success of the search. This greatly depends on what CV you attach to the search and also on the quality of your cover letter. But it also depends on where you are looking for a job. Evidently, if you set a desert as the center of search, then there is a relatively slim chance of finding an appropriate job there.
This depends on a number of factors. We will do our best to forward your CV to as many places as possible.
Your personal data are managed according to our privacy policy. If you are interested in the details, please read the relevant parts.
You can send a message to us through the get-in-touch section on the website and you can also send an email to support@cvpost.com.
As many as possible within the area specified by you. Our database is continuously expanding and we are working to ensure that this number is ever higher.
CVpost currently functions in the United States only, except Hawaii and Alaska.
This depends on the area of search you set. In bigger cities we will send it to more places due to more companies, whereas in small towns we will send them to less. The submission is done continuously, which means that on a daily basis as many as a hundred companies will get your CV. This is required so that if there are lot of replies, you don’t need to read through thousands of emails a day.
You can pay for the service with a bank card or through PayPal.
This is not possible, only if you set multiple searches. When setting the search you need to specify a center and from there a radius of 3 to 10 miles. CVpost will send out your CV within this area.
This is currently not possible, but we are working on changing this in the future.
Yes, registration is required for the proper use of the site. No search can be started without registration.
Yes, we have used this method successfully elsewhere.
Until you personally suspend or end the search, or until we have sent out your CV to all the possible places.


We will do our best to help you with any issues/bugs related to the use of CVpost.

Customer support

Email: support@cvpost.com



Don’t hide your real knowledge level! What matters is the knowledge you can activate not the paper you have. You will be tested at the interview whether your knowledge is in line with the level you indicated in your CV.

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